Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an all-in-one solution to sell your products to Amazon customers. When you become an Amazon seller and use FBA, you must send your products to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. The rest is on us. We store your products, and when a customer places an order, we pack, ship, and deliver the product to the customer’s doorstep. The FBA also gives your products the Prime Badge and offers same-day or next-day delivery for eligible customers. We also handle returns and customer support queries for you.

Customers Prefer Prime Products

Amazon.in customers look for products with the Prime Badge because it represents fast, free shipping and reliable customer service. Fulfilment by Amazon makes your offers more visible and competitive, giving you access to crores of our loyal Prime customers. Fulfilment by Amazon also increases your chance of winning the Offer Display, which appears with the “Add to Cart” option when customers click on a product they wish to buy. As a Prime seller, you can also participate in Prime Day, an annual shopping festival exclusively for Prime customers and sellers.

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